Bank Senior Carer

We are looking for an experienced Senior Care Assistant to cover the holidays and sickness of 6 Senior Carers (MUST be flexible to cover both Day and Night Seniors). Experience within administering of medication is essential. Ensuring that floors are run to a high standard.

Shifts: Days: 8am – 8pm / Night: 8pm – 8am

Job Type : Bank/Zero hour contract

Salary : £10.76 per hour

Key Responsibilities;

·         To provide the highest level of personal care (toileting, washing, bathing proved a caring relationship etc) and attention to Residents,

·         following individual care plans carefully and ensuring that all contact is polite, friendly, warm and supportive. To act as a key worker for a named group of Residents, ensuring that these responsibilities are carried out in full.

·         To understand and comply with all statutory and legal requirements which are relevant such as Health & Safety, COSHH, all aspects of the Care Standards Act, to maintain a safe environment throughout the Home.

·         To liaise with other care professionals relating to the care needs of the Residents.

·         To always be alert to Residents - physical and mental well being, immediately reporting any accidents or changes in a Resident’s condition to a senior person on duty and to accurately maintain and update Residents’ records as required.

·         To respect and maintain confidentiality of Resident’s personal information at all times, this includes resident’s behaviour and actions and any incidents that may occur in the course of day to day care.

·         Be understanding and patient towards residents and their needs, and encourage, assist and support Residents to participate in leisure activities as appropriate to the individual, ensuring their social and emotional needs are met. This also includes escorting Residents to outside appointments and leisure outings.

·         Responsible for making and changing beds, tidying Resident’s room, undertaking light cleaning duties as needed, ensure any maintenance work is reported and generally assisting in ensuring that the home Home is kept clean, pleasant and welcoming at all times.

·         Helping to serve meals and drinks at meal times and other times when required, taking care to present meals and refreshments in an attractive way, with polite and courteous service. Also, to provide the appropriate level of support and help for Residents who need assistance with feeding and dressing.

·         To be an active and supportive member of the Care team, contributing to team meetings, training and development, ensuring good communication ensuring thatThe home is a friendly and supportive working environment.

·         All concerns regarding possible abuse of vulnerable adult must be reported immediately, to the person in charge, who will report to the board of directors.

Must be able to attend 7 day in-house mandatory training course based at Groveland Park.

Job Type: as and when required

Salary: £10.76 /hour

Job Type: Permanent

Salary: £10.76 /hour


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Laundry Assistant

Job Description

Groveland Park is a 55 bed Luxury Residential care home. This will be a permanent weekend Laundry Assistant contract. Laundry Assistant Key Objectives:

To ensure that the laundry department is stocked and run effectively and efficiently.

To ensure there are no complaints about the standard of service.

To ensure that the laundry is maintained in a clean, tidy state at all times.

That Health and Safety requirements are meticulously upheld.

Main Duties:

To sort, wash, dry and press all laundry daily according to the fabric and washing instructions.

Keep accurate records of any items disposed of due to them being beyond repair.

Report monthly to Matron.

To distribute the topping up service for sheets, pillowcases, bath towels, hand towels and flannels to each of the linen cupboards.

To put away all freshly laundered residents clothing.

To ensure that all residents’ property is cared for, which includes the properties that may be sent down to the laundry in error, either as items in pockets, attached to clothes etc.

To pass for repair residents clothing and linen i.e. hems, replace buttons etc.

To ensure all dry cleaning is dealt and dry cleaning tickets are passed to the administrator.

To ensure that all laundry chemicals are ordered - via the administrator, stored and used according to the Home’s and the Health and Safety requirements.

To be aware of COSHH regulations and appropriate use of all substances.

Ensure the laundry area is cleaned daily as required, wash walls, work surfaces and floors.

Report any defective equipment immediately to the Matron.

Changes to staff rota's, holidays or sickness must be agreed with Matron.

Have due regard to your own Health and Safety and the Health and Safety of others.

Hazards, potential hazards, accidents and other untoward occurrences, faulty equipment etc. should be reported to the senior person on duty and any necessary steps taken to prevent injury.

To know where all fire equipment is located and how it is to be operated.

Carry out all procedures laid down in accordance with company policy. It is a requirement of employment that all staff actively participate in training programmes organised by the company.

To keep information about residents confidential at all times.

To take part in staff meetings whenever possible.

All concerns regarding possible abuse of vulnerable adult must be reported immediately, to the person in charge, who will report to the board of directors.

Shifts: Every Saturday and Sunday

Laundry Hours- 8am- 3pm

A 14 days mandatory In House training course will be provided which you will be required to attend.

Job Type: Part-time/ Perm

Salary: £9.02 

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Bank Care Assistant

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We are looking for a Bank Staff to join our team here at Groveland Park. Your main responsibility is to provide the highest standard of personal care (toileting, washing, bathing etc) and attention to all residents, following individual care plans carefully and ensuring that all contact is polite, friendly, warm and supportive. You must also be able to cover other areas and roles of the home if required such and domestic, laundry and kitchen assistants. You must be reliable and able to work closely as a team. 42 hours per week - shifts are 12hrs for care assistants, other hours are dependent on role carried out. Experience in the care setting is essential to the interview process. Please email your CV to You will be contacted if you are successful in the shortlisting process.

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