On Monday, Wednesday and Friday last week, Groveland Park was a hive of activity, as we were visited by children from the local Mayplace Primary School as part of ‘Community Week’.

Kids from Year 6 came to spend some quality time with our residents on all three days, and they also brought in different pieces of artwork and other school projects that they’re proud of to show everyone and to talk about. Our residents thoroughly enjoyed spending time with the children and talking about different things that have changed over the years.

The idea of teaming up with Mayplace was to bring the two different generations together and to show the kids that getting older isn’t such a bad thing, as you have some wonderful memories to share! The children really enjoyed themselves, even asking to return to visit in the holidays – and what really made it all worthwhile was how the kids wrote some special letters to Groveland Park to say just how much they enjoyed their visit. We hope to see them again soon!