Since 1890, Goddards at Greenwich have been handmaking London’s most traditional meal of pie, mash and liquor to their secret family recipe. As an important part of London’s food history, we decided to take our residents for a fun (and tasty!) day out, so we all hopped in the minibus earlier this week and went on our way.

These pie houses, formerly known as ‘Eel Pie Houses’, have been around since the 1700s and were traditionally filled with eels from the Thames! The eels were spiced and stewed in stock before being popped in a pie, but when this became too expensive, meat became the filling of choice.

These days, you can choose from steak, chicken, lamb, vegetarian or traditional 100% minced beef, all served with mash – and you can add peas and baked beans if you’re really hungry! If you still have room after all that, you can enjoy a handmade fruit crumble or fruit pie with ice cream or custard, or maybe even bread and butter pudding or sponge pudding.

It was a real British trip down memory lane for our residents, who all enjoyed their good traditional pie, mash and liquor, with many washing it down with a cool bottle of ale – and they all took home a cheeky jellied eels takeaway for supper!

If you fancy a proper pie, there’s no better place to go – and all our residents agree.