Eve is a member of the Groveland Park team, but she has a hidden talent as a highly-skilled artist! As our residents enjoy arts and crafts, we decided to start up a new art class last week – and it went down a treat.

With watercolour painting her style of choice, Eve chose this as the theme for the class, and it’s also the ideal type of paint to use if you’re painting in stages, allowing each layer to dry before painting the next. This makes it ideal for our residents, who can paint a few layers in one class then finish off their painting another time.

Eve taught our residents the techniques of using watercolours, giving them guidance on how to create a stunning piece of art. Classes are going to continue every week now, encouraging residents to either start to paint for the first time or to pick up an old hobby that they haven’t had the pleasure of doing for years.

At Groveland Park, we do a lot of arts and crafts and are always thinking of new ways to raise money for our local hospice and other charities, so maybe with a bit more practice and guidance from Eve, our residents’ watercolour masterpieces could be auctioned off!