Just half an hour down the road in Westerham, you’ll find Nightingale Dogs, which is run by Jenny, Tim and their eight pet pooches: Breeze, Puffin, Xavi, Leafy, Nellie, Normal, Grace and Crowley. Earlier this week, we were lucky enough to welcome Nightingale Dogs into Groveland Park for a session of pet therapy!

Pet therapy is proven to have many benefits and we want our residents to experience these benefits first-hand by spending time with our furry friends. These include lifting residents’ moods and spirits, providing them with sensory stimulation, increasing social interaction and self-esteem, and giving them the opportunity to express affection. Having dogs in the home also contributes to the home-like feel and surroundings, with many residents having had pet dogs in the past.

Our residents enjoyed listening to Jenny and Tim talk about what the dogs have been up to since their last visit, as well as watching them perform different tricks – and they even got to have cuddles with the dogs. It really is a fun, stimulating and interactive activity session, and staff enjoy it as much as the residents!