On Friday, we held a very special celebration to mark a rather significant occasion – Tom, one of our most senior residents, celebrated his 100th birthday! It really was a fantastic, feel-good day for everyone involved.

Tom is a loved character both here at Groveland Park and in the community. He has a wide circle of friends from work colleagues to councillors, and he loves to help around the home, whether he’s pottering around in the greenhouse or delivering the newspapers. Tom has also made a memorial garden for our past residents, which he takes great pride in looking after.

We had a party to celebrate and more than 50 people attended, with Tom’s family and friends here to share his special day with him, along with the Mayor of Bexley and local MPs! As an active member of the community, Tom enjoys the Geddes Palace United Reformed Church lunch club, he sits on the committee of the Belvedere Social Club and attends the Bexley Pensioners’ Forum throughout the year.

As it was an extra-special occasion, we went all out and even had live entertainment with Steve Erickson, our wonderful kitchen team put on a delicious buffet of finger food, complete with Champagne, and a magnificent 100 cake made specially by our chef topped it all off. Better yet, Tom received a birthday card from the Queen and a Buy a Gift voucher from everyone at Groveland Park. Tom has decided to use his voucher to go up The Shard with his family for lunch!

Tom was very proud to show off his home and an amazing time was had by all – it was great to see everyone come together from both in and out of the home and celebrate. From all at Groveland Park, happy birthday to Tom!