Groveland park has been full of fun activities this week. To begin with we had our normal weekly motivation class run by Claire. The class stimulates both the mind and body using a series of exercises and games with enables individuals to regain levels of movement and dexterity that they may have previously lost or struggle with. On Wednesday we had a very entertaining night with Roy Golding as a one man band! there was a finger buffet and plenty of company to make the night one to remember. By the end of the week we decided that perhaps a relaxed afternoon in the lounge would be a good way to wind down, but there is never a dull moment at Groveland Park and our weekend activities co-ordinator, Angela and her father made sure that everyone was singing along and tapping their feet to the lovely performance they put on for us all. It really has ben a fun week and were looking forward to the activities we have on the books for the up coming festive months.